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Teeth Whitening in Birmingham

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Upgrade that smile of yours and feel confident when photos are being snapped with our vouchers and deals for teeth whitening in Birmingham. From laser treatment to custom-made trays, discover a range of treatments with prices that will have you beaming from Harborne to Newtown to the Gay Village. Whether you’re looking for that Hollywood dazzle, or just a subtle brightening, find a clinic near you and get ready for a new smile that stands out a mile.

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    Teeth whitening in Birmingham: things to know before you go

    Updating your smile shouldn’t be a hassle. Brighten up your day with a teeth-whitening treatment anywhere in the city. But before you get your sparkly whites, here are all your key questions answered.

    Where can I find teeth whitening in Birmingham city centre?

    Birmingham is home to a whole host of prestigious clinics, with mouth guards or lasers improving the smiles of people all around the city. If you’re looking for Hollywood teeth whitening or other professional treatments, drop in on your way home from work, or schedule in an appointment for next time you’re out and about in the city. Here’s just a few of the top city centre clinics:

    • Lozells Road Dental is a favourite with our customers, located close to the city centre. They’ll reduce yellowing with custom-made trays and transform your smile in no time.
    • All Saints Dental Clinic is a private clinic offering laser teeth whitening for less, right in the heart of Birmingham. Browse their deals and you’ll find great reviews from our smiley customers.
    • The Laser House is located just behind the train station and will have your new pearly whites ready in just three simple steps.

    Where can I find laser teeth whitening in Birmingham?

    Laser teeth whitening is an even bolder option if you want a truly cutting-edge method. Here’s our pick of the best clinics offering this marvel of a treatment:

    • Euro Dental Care close to Quinton has great offers on laser teeth whitening. After your session, you’ll also get the option of 50% off their home teeth whitening kits too, so you can keep your smile gleaming for longer.
    • The Laser Room in east Birmingham boasts 5-star reviews, with Hollywood-level teeth whitening techniques. You’ll have brighter and whiter teeth in just one hour - so roll out the red carpet.

    What other teeth whitening treatments do clinics in Birmingham offer?

    There are a number of ways you can get pearly whites. Here are just some of the best teeth whitening clinics in Birmingham and beyond that will plant a smile on your face:

    • Serenity Dental Care may be slightly further away, located in Staffordshire, but you’ll get the 5-star treatment at this clinic. On top of a Boutique teeth whitening treatment, you’ll also get a full dental examination and whitening kit to apply at home.
    • Hillbrook Dental Health Centre , south of Birmingham, has offers for teeth whitening for both arches, as well as a full dental examination. After the initial session, you’ll be given a custom-made tray and two tubes of whitening solution in which to apply and wear for the allocated time recommended by the dentist.

    What is the cost of teeth whitening in Birmingham?

    Professional teeth whitening can cost anything from £100 to £300, depending on the treatment you go for, but with our deals in Birmingham, you can see savings up to 70%.

    Or, if you’ve got any other dental concerns, from crooked teeth in need of braces to gaps in your teeth that could use dental implant treatment, check out our top deals on dental and get a smile you can be proud of.